Daily class schedule at SABKK

Mysore class is offered daily and led class once or twice a week (except moon days *). Beginners are recommended to start the practice with Mysore class **. Once the practice is established and you are half way through primary series then you can join led class. 

We also offer the 6-week BEGINNER’ S PROGRAM  from time to time on the weekend. We accept 8 students per group (one group for Saturday and one group of Sunday). Please contact us if you would like to register.

* SABKK follows moon days according to Thai Lunar Calendar which might not exactly the same as the time of actual phase of physical new moon or full moon. 

** Mysore class have no set start time. Everyone can start at his/her own time but always remember to arrive with enough time to complete a practice before the end time (usually around 75-90 mins).


During COVID pandemic, students need to reserve class at least one day in advance.

If you reserve and would like to cancel:

  • Morning class – Please cancel within 6pm of the day before
  • Evening class – Please cancel within 3pm on the same day

Immediate cancellation after the specified time above or no show will result in deducting class from student’s paid package.