Daily class schedule at SABKK

Mysore class is offered daily and led class once or twice a week (except moon days *). Beginners are recommended to start the practice with Mysore class **. Once the practice is established and you are half way through primary series then you can join led class. 

We also offer the 6-week BEGINNER’ S PROGRAM  from time to time on the weekend. We accept 8 students per group (one group for Saturday and one group of Sunday). Please contact us if you would like to register (Due to COVID situation, we are not opening beginner’s program at the moment but you are more than welcome to join Mysore class which is for all levels).

* SABKK follows moon days according to Thai Lunar Calendar which might not exactly the same as the time of actual phase of physical new moon or full moon. 

** Mysore class have no set start time. Everyone can start at his/her own time but always remember to arrive with enough time to complete a practice before the end time (usually around 75-90 mins).


First time student, please reserve class two days in advance. Immediate cancellation or no show will result in deducting class from student’s paid package (when applicable).